Sponsoring, supporting and helping at our event

Why not join the growing list of companies who add something to our event. Some offer financial support, some offer their goods as prizes. There are many sponsorship opportunities and as the event grows and shines brighter and brighter it becomes a better and better opportunity to shine alongside us.

Here are a few good reasons you might want to sponsor:-

  • The event is run by the community for the community. Brands associated with the event enjoy feeling part of the community and gain integration value and the ’good will’ associated with this.
  • Pre and post event marketing hits many hundreds of thousands of people through social media, athlete blogs, magazine articles, newspaper features, radio and television.
  • Year on year the Hurley Classic gets more people on the ground at the event.

Or what about other types of support, ‘Value in Kind’ donations are perfect.

On the ground before, during and after the event we need lots of hands to help with everything that makes an event tick. The jobs specifications are wide and diverse. So if you have a skill or service that you think would help our event be even better please do get in touch.