Hurley Classic Super Champs ‡£49.95
Hurley Dream Team (per paddler)£12.00
Hurley Classic ‡£21.20
BoaterX ‡£18.00
SUP X Boaters Boarding£11.50
SUP X Elite ‡£21.20
World Championships Rolling£6.50
Team Freestyle (per paddler)£5.00
Paddle with the Stars (under 18's Only)£10.00
Event Mug£4.50
Grand Feast£14.50
Camping (per person / per night)£6.50

 You are eligible to 1 free T-Shirt per paddler if you enter the Hurley Classic Super Champs, Hurley Classic, BoaterX or SUP X Elite

Hurley Classic Super Champ

Includes an entry for The Classic, Boater X, SUP X - Boaters Boarding, World Championships Rolling & ERG and a chance to be crowned the Hurley Classic Super Champ.

Bib deposit

This year we have new bibs. The old ones aren’t worn out but we have lost so many over the years that now we don’t have enough. Lost is a nice way of saying – NOT RETURNED. To buy new bibs as one off’s costs £15 and then there is our time too. So to account for this deposit prices have doubled this year.

When you sign into an event using our online booking facility you will be told about a £20 bib deposit. You should bring CASH on the day and this will be returned to you when you give the bib back after completing your last event of the weekend.

Bibs can be deposited at any time.

What happens if we cancel?

All money will be refunded if we have to cancel. You can always keep up with the potential of this happening by following tvfreestylers on Facebook where levels are advised. We always make a final decision on the Thursday before the competition and advise through our Facebook and