Workshops, Trade stands and Competitions trade village and marquee

Over the weekend whilst the competition is going on we have other activities.

  • Palm Equipment – advice and equipment to look at and try on
  • Wavesport Kayaks - advice and demo's available
  • AT Paddles - advice and demo's available
  • Pyranha Kayaks - - advice and demo's available
  • Surfplugs - advice and on site plug molding
  • McConks SUP- advice and demo's available
  • Red and Starboard SUP- advice and demo's available
  • Jackson Kayak - advice and demo's available
  • Dagger Kayaks - advice and demo's available
  • Gui Gui Kayaks - advice and demo's available
  • KJO Burners Youth freestyle program - advice and product recommendations
  • WWTCC Other boat and equipment brands – advice and demos and Shop.

All weekend Competitions

Find out more in the marquee

  • Erg Challenge. Try out to see if you can go the furthest in 45 seconds or see if you can get the highest power with 3 strokes.
  • WWTCC Paddle Sports Quiz - think you know something about boating or have a nose to find stuff out? If the answer is yes then this will be right up your street.
  • Palm Photo sticker Comp. Submit photos in three categories
  • Wavesport AT competition. Check out the Wavesport / AT competition
  • Dewerstone – Mighty T competition

The Mighty Hurley Horn - Sunday

Fancy winning some prizes and taking part in an awesome competition that is open to everyone who comes along to the Hurley Classic.

At the Classic we have awesome fun with ‘The Mighty Hurley Horn'.

Every 20 to 30 minutes from 10am to 4pm of the Hurley Classic we will be calling out either a competitor or someone who has registered at the event desk. The announcement will be “'NAME' has been selected for The Mighty Hurley Horn”. The Mighty Hurley Horn will then be blown. From that point a clock will start and the person has 5 minutes to get to the main marquee and sit in ‘The Chair of Hurleyness'.

If the 5 minutes timer has elapsed the person called will not get chance to sit in ‘The Chair of Hurleyness' and win prizes.

Behind the chair is an area screened off where the ‘Voice of destiny' will be. The Voice will pull the name of prizes from a randomizer, calling one every 10 seconds. The prize value may go up or down. The person in the chair shouts stop when they are happy with the prize.

At some random point, as the prizes are being called, The Mighty Hurley Horn will be blown again signalling the end of the game. If the person in The Chair of Hurleyness has not called stop to select the prize offered, they walk away with nothing.

At the end of the Hurley Classic prize giving any prizes left over will be given by selecting random names and random prizes. (so it is worth staying right to the end of the event.

Massage and Physiotherapy

Open Sessions on Saturday 13:00 – 16:30 And Sunday 11:00 – 16:30, taking place in the main marquee.

We have a tonne of activity choices and if you get active with it all then you will be tired! To help support you with doing everything we have Team GB Physiotherapists and the sport massage team on hand to provide free drop in sessions.

Video Lounge

Saturday 14:00 - 15:00 (1), Sunday 10:00 - 11:00 (2), 13:00 - 14:00 (3) – more to be added...

We have a couple of Open Freestyle video analysis sessions using some cool video analysis and delivered by top FS coach's:-

  1. Getting the basics right
  2. Blunts and loops
  3. The complex stuff

More will be added to our Video Lounges and we will keep you updated via our Facebook and web pages.

Food and drink in the marquee

Saturday and Sunday 07:30 to 17:30 – Breakfast, Lunch, snacks, drinks

Our food outlet is inside the heated marquee and this is where you can get great value and quality, hot drinks, snacks and more substantial food.

The Grand Feast, TVF Awards

Saturday Evening 2015 -2245. In the Marquee

The evening entertainment for the Classic happens at a grand feast taking place in our heated tent on the bank right next to the weir. It's a chance to sit down, have some great food, chat with other paddlers and then enjoy the presentation for the TVF paddlers of the year.

Soft drinks will be served.

Food will be served at 20:30 and presentations commence at 21:45. The evening wraps up at 22:45.

Please let us know of any special dietary requirements.

The grand feast is not just for paddlers. Many friends and family attend and enjoy the evening.

Tickets can be purchased through our online booking at

TV Freestylers paddler of the year awards Saturday Evening at Banquet

TV Freestylers (TVFS) is the web based community hub of freestyle paddling here in the Thames Valley.

This year and from here to eternity TVFS will present annual awards. The coverted awards will be awarded for notable achievements throughout the previous year or over a longer period. In the past award titles have included:-

  • Best Junior Female
  • Best Junior Male
  • Best Senior Female
  • Best Senior Male
  • Best International Paddler
  • Other Specific award.
  • The final award award of the evening is inspired by Graeme Laycock who was a TV Freestyler who optimised the community spirit of freestyle. Graeme, who sadly passed away in 2012, was the guy who always helped at events, always helped people who were nervous or struggling and always enjoyed the community we all paddle in. This award is called the Graeme Laycock TVFS Community Paddler of the Year.

The accolade of winning these awards is immense and your name will be put in the TVFS Hall of Fame page for all to see forever more.

To nominate someone for these awards send an email over to Remember they don't have to have the same award title as above, indeed in 2016 expect to see some of the above titles missing and some new ones in their place.