Meet the Stars Younguns Freestyle

Saturday from 0930 to 1430 – On the wave, in the eddy, on the bank, in the marquee.

Meet the Stars Freestyle sessions are unique to Hurley Classic Younguns Freestyle. These are where we get loads of superstar paddlers giving part of their Saturday to coach and work with the youth of the sport. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know, make friends and have fun with these people. What’s more we also have leading coaching and industry experts running workshops so that you will have the best boating session of your life. NEW for 2018 we have added two sessions with GB FS Team officials for Parents….. A cup of tea and a chance to learn more about the sport your kids have got into… Here is a bit more detail of what’s going on

  • Paddling the famous Hurley Wave and coaching from Superstar Paddlers. Have you seen footage of Hurley Weir? It’s a super friendly wave where all freestyle tricks can be achieved. If you have never been before, don’t worry you’ll be in expert hands.
  • Paddle board challenge – have you tried this new variation of Paddlesport? We have super star paddle boarders coming in especially to run these sessions.
  • Flat water freestyle – tips from the Superstars. Flat water freestyle is where most people learn the basics. This session will show you a whole load of funky stuff to get your wave boating improving
  • Using video analysis to learn quickly – with top international coaches. All top athletes use video analysis to help them learn and improve their tricks. This session will show you techniques to help you also grab hold of this fantastic tool.
  • What’s happening to my ears – why using earplugs is essential. The Ear doctor comes along and in a short and concise mini workshop tells you why ear plugs are essential.
  • Make my kit last longer – leading industry experts telling you how. Good kit costs a packet so why not learn how to make sure yours lasts as long as possible? Here in this mini workshop the experts give practical examples of what you can do to look after your kit.
  • Killer strokes – making your strokes do more – more – more. Top racing paddlers tell you how to make a stroke more powerful, efficient and effective.
  • Killer outfitting – getting your boat to work fantastically for you. Ever wondered how come some people can do more than you? Well it could be that their boat is better outfitted than yours. Learn tricks and tips in this mini workshop.

Limited places, 18 and under only – register at

Hurley Dream Team

Various Times – Erg Team Challenge, Brain Challenge and Team Rolling Challenge open all day Saturday and Sunday (when other scheduled activity is not on), Team Freestyle 1730 to 1830 Saturday, Team SUP X 11 to 12 Sunday all on the wave, in the eddy, in the marquee and in the pools.

NEW- For 2018 we have an exciting team event ‘Hurley Dream Team’. Teams are made up of four competitors who over the weekend partake in a number of competitions. Final position is established by combining scores to crown the Hurley Dream Team.

The events are -

  • Team Freestyle – Described below (note only 3 paddlers for this part of the Dream Team) – This one is a Tactical and Technical challenge.
  • Team MEGA SUP X – Using the mega sup (big multi person one) this is a SUP X race with a jump to board start and then race around the currents of the Hurley weir pool before heading up the ‘Ramp of Doom’ for a tag out finish. We provide all boards and paddles. First heats will be timed and from there we will seed with fastest against slowest over a further 2 races. All times will be added together with the team with the shortest combined time coming first and the team with the longest combined time coming last. This one is a Physical Challenge
  • Team Roll Challenge – its 100 rolls in our indoor pool. How you get there is your choice. You can use all 4 of your team members or perhaps just 1 person will spin through the 100. Shortest time for 100 gives 1st place and longest time over 100 gives last place. Tactical, Physical and Technical Challenge.
  • Team Erg Challenge – Like our roll challenge this one takes place in the marquee. It’s a straight out 3000 metre race. How you get there is up to you but this time you have to use all four team members. Tactical, Physical and Technical Challenge.
  • Team Brain Challenge - this is a series of tasks where your team will have to complete a number of activities. Once you pick up your ‘assignment pack’ you have 1 hour to achieve all tasks. Go over the time and get points penalties or don’t finish the task and get points penalties. A Tactical and Psychological challenge are all at play here.

All events apart from Team Freestyle are only available through entering the Hurley Dream team.

Win the Hurley Dream Team Shield and be immortalised!

COLBAB (Come on Let's Boat and Board)

Open Sessions on Saturday 0700 to 930, 1530 – 1600 and 1730 to 1800, taking place on the wave and in the eddy.

When you come to a festival you rarely get chance to try the kit and coaching on offer but at the Classic that’s exactly what’s we do.

Get advice from top international coaches. These guys have coached all over the world, many national teams and lots of today’s top athletes.

Get a demo in / on Jackson, Pyranha, Dagger, Wavesport, Gui Gui, McConks, Red, Starboard, NRS and many other top brands. Just go to the manufacturer whose boat or board you want to try and they will sort out a demo for you.

Open to all – limited places and maximum ride time will be requested of all taking this opportunity.

Team Freestyle

Team Freestyle is an exciting concept that pushes paddlers to be boating together on the wave and is a tonne of fun. Teams are made up of 3 boaters. The competition works by one judge being on each gate scoring each athlete as they hit ICF moves. A forth judge has the sole purpose of timing when all 3 paddlers are on the feature at the same time. If all 3 paddlers are on Hurley together and scoring any ICF defined move they can multiply the total team trick scores. The exception is that each team can have one novice (per team) and all the novice has to do is be on the wave at the same time as the other two team members. Having a novice in the team is not compulsory. The ratio for multiplying is as follows.

  • 10 seconds – * 1.2
  • 11 – 20 seconds *1.4
  • 21 – 30 seconds * 1.6
  • 31 – 40 seconds * 1.8
  • Above 40 seconds *2

Each time any of the three paddlers exits the wave the time is stopped, logged and then restarted. The longest 3 people on the wave time will be the one used.

Ride time per team is 1 minute. Each trick scores once on the ICF score sheet but can be used multiple times to keep the time running. If a paddler drops off the time is stopped at that point.

If during the ride all three paddlers swap gates the team score is doubled.

Example - all three paddlers doing spins in all three gates for 30 seconds. A spin is worth 10 points (ICF Scoring) so this would work out as 10* 3= 30 * 1.6 = 48. If each of the paddlers ended the team ride in a different gate 48*2= 96

Winning team will be the one with the most points

Suitable for all paddlers – this is as much tactical and technical :-)


Saturday 1330 - 1930. In the whole eddy pool and wave area.

BoaterX is a type of kayaking that has evolved from snowboard races. The course sets out manoeuvres around eddies, white water and weir gates.

Hurley BoaterX includes a launch from a huge ramp that will test your nerve, a number of buoys to navigate and a water cannon blasting you off course. This is an exciting event that’s huge fun either as a competitor or spectator. Here are this year’s rules:-

  • Competitors will be split into classes for Men and Women. There are not separate classes for Junior, Senior and Masters.
  • The course will start from the Palm WWTCC Ramp and follow a route across the main flow, around a number of obstacles placed in the river to the finish line downstream.
  • In the prelims competitors will race in pre-selected heats against the clock and each individual will be timed. Heats will contain 3 or 4 people. The first placed person from each prelim heat will automatically go forward into the next round with the remaining places made up from the fastest losers based on time.
  • Eighths - in the men’s it is likely that competitors will move forwards to the eighths heat. 8 Heats with top 2 finishers from each heat going forwards to Quarter Final
  • Quarter Final –4 heats with the top 2 finishers from each heat going forward to the Semi Final.
  • Semi Final – 2 heats with the top 2 finishers from each heat going forward to the Final.
  • Final - 4 competitors will race head to head with the winner taking the Boater-X crown.

Open to all – creek boats only (Boat Restrictions will be applied for 2018

World Championships Rolling

We are going to crown the world champion rollers in both ladies and mens’. Will it be you? You don’t have to be the best freestyler or paddler at all but if you have the stamina, speed and technique this could be your chance to shine. The comp format is as follows:-

  • Round one - 30 seconds most rolls. Top 10 qualify for round 2
  • Round 2 - 10 rolls in the fastest time. Top 5 Qualify for round 3
  • Round 3 - 15 rolls in the fastest time. Top 2 Qualify for final
  • Final round – head to head 10 rolls – Winner completes first

We provide the boats, use your own paddle and make sure you practice before to take this coveted status.

Super Flood Lit Showcase Final

Saturday 1930 – 2030 – On the wave

Made up from the top boaters in the world, this is a demo final using ICF rules to show just what you can expect in Sundays Hurley Classic.

If you have ever wondered what all the fuss is about freestyle, then do not miss this. It is freestyle at its absolute best and you will see the whole gambit of moves currently possible. We are way past fireworks night but expect to see rockets going off during this magnificent display

Mens and Ladies competition with five athletes in each final. Two rides with best score counting.

Competitors are by invitation only. If you think you could make the final, talk with the organisers ( to find out how you can be involved.

The Hurley Classic Open JAM Freestyle

Sunday 08:00 – 17:00 On the wave

Want to be part of the biggest and best freestyle comp in the world? Want to have a heap of fun and be in the eddy getting tips from the top freestyle athletes who cheer you on? Want to make a load of new friends and get into a sport where you can learn to make your boat literally fly? Then read on, this is for you.

This year the event offers a range of classes:-

  • Cadet – you can compete as a cadet until the year in which you turn 15. Cadets may choose to compete as a Junior or Senior.
  • Junior - You can compete as a junior until the year in which you turn 18. Juniors may choose to compete as a senior.
  • Senior - If you aren't a junior or a master then you're a senior. You cannot change your class.
  • Master - You can compete as a master from the year in which your turn 35. Masters may choose to compete as a senior.
  • Veteran - You can compete as a veteran from the year in which your turn 50. Veterans may choose to compete as a master or senior.

There are also the levels - Novice, Intermediate and Pro.

  • Novice - you are just starting out, this is your first competition or you have competed before and never won a prize for a top 3 novice position
  • Intermediate - you regularly do freestyle but have not made top 10 in a national standard competition in the last 2 years
  • Pro - You compete regularly and have made top 10 in a national standard competition in the last 2 years

We run a heat system where you get as many goes as possible within the time for that heat. The quantity of time per heat is set by the number of entrants to the competition. Typically it is 15 – 20 minutes for 8 competitors.

There will be a 30 second maximum ride time. Heats run in bib order and are seeded.

During the heat, competitors can score each move on the ICF scoring sheet once. This allows us to see the whole range of tricks in freestyle.

If you enter the novice class we will reward for partially completed moves. Our judges will score on intiation, application and compleation of the move giving you a percentage of the ICF score based on this.

The top 5 competitors will then compete in a super final to crown the Hurley Classic Champion of 2018. This runs to ICF specification, 2 runs of 45 seconds with the highest scoring ride counting.

Open to everyone. Come along and have a load of fun

SUP X – BoarderX

SUP is now a key ingredient of the Hurley Classic. If you’re an out and out SUP’r or a boater who wants another exciting opportunity on the water we have a load of fun here for you

This year we have 3 events:-

  • A round the Cans race that forms part of the Bray Lake league.
  • SUP X Boaters Boarding
  • SUP X Elite

‘Round the Cans’ is a traditional race over a series of laps around the Hurley islands. Bring your own equipment.

SUP X is a bit different – SUP X is a jump to board start and then race around the currents of the Hurley weir pool before heading up the ‘Ramp of Doom’ for a tag out finish. Boaters Boarding is on shorter boards suitable for people starting out and Elite is longer racing boards, suitable for the pro’s. We provide all boards and paddles.

Open to everyone. Enter online for SUP X and on the day for Round the Cans (please arrive at least 30 minutes before published start time).

Hurley Classic Super Champions

At Hurley we like everyone to have a go at as much activity as possible.

To entice you we offer a 15% discount to people who enter Hurley Classic Super Champion. This is where through combining scores across multiple events we crown the Classic King and Queen.

  • Classic Freestyle
  • Boater X
  • Sup X Boaters Boarding
  • World Championships Rolling
  • ERG Challenge

The four highest results will count so competitors can either drop a class or compete in all five and then drop the lowest score.

Entrants in the Classic Freestyle will be awarded points for their result in the class they are competing in. All other competitions on the weekend will be an open format where all athletes will compete in the same class.

A win scores 75 points, 2nd gives 70 points, 3rd 66 points, 4th 63 points, 5th 61 points, 6th 60 points and then the scores go down accordingly by one point per position until 61st position when 5 points will be awarded to every competitor.

At the end of the weekend we total up all the scores and crown the King and Queen.

If you’re entering both the Team event and the Hurley Classic Super Champions events you’re going to have a hectic weekend! We will do some careful scheduling to make sure it all works for you.